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    Home and Education

    Calendars and Planners

    Calendars and Planners   (100 downloads)

    • Electronic calendars and event planners, to-do list software, time management software

    Ebooks and Literature   (35 downloads)

    • Most popular ebooks and electronic literature
    Ebooks and Literature
    Food and Beverage

    Food and Beverage   (56 downloads)

    • Food distribution and manufacturing software for restaurants, food analysis tools

    Health and Nutrition   (48 downloads)

    • Personal diet organizers and calorie counters, personal nutrition and fitness managers
    Health and Nutrition
    Hobbies Software

    Hobbies Software   (69 downloads)

    • Hobbies and self-improvement software for your personal needs

    Home Inventory Software   (14 downloads)

    • Tools to create and update your home inventory, organize home stuff
    Home Inventory Software
    Kids and Parenting Software

    Kids and Parenting Software   (29 downloads)

    • A set of applications to protect your kids and track their activity online

    Language Learning   (47 downloads)

    • Top-rated language-learning software to learn new languages easier than ever
    Language Learning
    Mathematics Software

    Mathematics Software   (44 downloads)

    • Basic and advanced calculators, unit converters, complete algebra and geometry solutions

    Miscellaneous Software   (34 downloads)

    • A collection of various tools and utilities for personal use
    Miscellaneous Software
    Religion and Spirituality

    Religion and Spirituality   (11 downloads)

    • Astrology, horoscope, religion, and spirituality software for personal use

    Science Software   (32 downloads)

    • Software related to all kinds of science (chemistry, medical, physics, and more)
    Science Software
    Sports Software

    Sports Software   (17 downloads)

    • Software for managing leagues, memberships, registrations, reservations, personal results, and more

    Teaching Software   (30 downloads)

    • Software for schools and teachers, personal education tools
    Teaching Software