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    Software Development

    ActiveX Components

    ActiveX Components   (73 downloads)

    • ActiveX for defining reusable software components in a programming language-independent way

    Compilers and Interpreters   (12 downloads)

    • A set of programs that transform source code into another programming language
    Compilers and Interpreters
    Components and Libraries

    Components and Libraries   (67 downloads)

    • Additional software components and libraries for professional programmers

    Databases and Networks   (42 downloads)

    • A set of powerful tools for working with databases online
    Databases and Networks

    Debuggers   (10 downloads)

    • Debugging software used to test and debug other programs

    IDEs and Coding Utilities   (23 downloads)

    • Integrated development environments for professional software development
    IDEs and Coding Utilities
    Java Tools

    Java Tools   (8 downloads)

    • A set of handful utilities for Java programmers

    Management and Distribution   (30 downloads)

    • Installation wizard makers, software management, distribution and promotion tools
    Management and Distribution
    References and Tutorials

    References and Tutorials   (10 downloads)

    • Software to create and manage help resources, references, and tutorials

    Source Code Tools   (12 downloads)

    • Source code formatters, obfuscators, and other tools
    Source Code Tools
    Tools and Editors

    Tools and Editors   (62 downloads)

    • All types of source code editors, optimizers, and validators