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    Adult Sites Poster 5.0 Review and Download

    Convert adult tube sites into money with adult affiliate marketing software

    Adult Sites Poster is the world's first and only adult marketing software that enables anyone with no programming and marketing experience to transform the world's most popular free porn sites into non-stop money-making machines easier than you could ever dream of.

    This is how it works. First, you register as an affiliate on adult dating sites or premium adult content providers. Second, you add keywords related to your affiliate programs (or use the Random Posting mode) and write some creative comments with your affiliate links. Finally, you configure the automatic posting engine and watch your affiliate commissions rapidly grow. This is it!

    Adult Sites Poster supports an unlimited number of marketing campaigns, while each campaign can have its own unlimited number of keywords, comment messages, and proxy servers; therefore, you can use the same installation to target multiple audiences with completely different needs. Furthermore, the software can randomly rotate marketing campaigns, user accounts, keywords, comment messages, and proxy servers; verify existing submissions; generate detailed reports; and more.


    Multiple PlatformsOperating System

    Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

    Adult Sites Poster Review

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    The best adult marketing software

    I can't really say anything about old versions, since I use Adult Sites Poster from version 2.0, but this is surely the best adult marketing software.

    I'm a housewife with 2 kids, and this little tool wires over $1.000 from adult affiliate programs into my bank account every single month.Written by Erica on February 13, 2013


    Version 5.0 Changelog (Updated on October 21, 2016)

    Removed 4 low-conversion adult networks;
    Added support for,,,,,,,;
    Added advanced blacklist;
    Added support for 2 more URL shortening services;
    Updated automatic registration wizard;
    Updated automatic captchas decoder;
    Updated adult videos parsing engine;
    Updated data cleanup module;
    Updated Death by Captcha library;
    Improved user data security and encryption;
    Bug fixes and performance improvements;

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