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    A-PDF Creator 5.3.4 Review and Download

    A PDF virtual printer for Windows that allows you to create PDF files

    A-PDF Creator is a fast, affordable utility to allow you to create professional quality PDF documents by simply "Print" using A-PDF Creator printer in any Microsoft Windows application.

    Its purpose is to enable users to exchange electronic documents easily, independently of the environment in which they were initially created. It also helps companies to publish reports, marketing plans, price lists, contracts, and any other documents in a portable electronic document format.


    WindowsOperating System

    Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8

    A-PDF Creator Review

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    Works great, but...

    I have 2 copies of A-PDF Creator installed; the first one on my desktop computer, and another one on laptop (both run Windows 7 Pro).

    It works flawlessly on desktop, but "Unexpected error" is displayed on laptop sometimes (about 15% of time). Once I hit the OK button and retry the conversion, everything works fine again.

    It would rate it as 5 stars software if it worked flawlessly 100% of time on my laptop (as it works on desktop PC). In other hand, it's still very good, I'm planning to keep this tool.Written by Keaton on January 20, 2013


    Version 5.3.4 Changelog (Updated on July 12, 2014)

    64-bit limit
    Print Option
    Bug fix
    Add N-Page

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