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    Blog Comment Poster 7.0 Review and Download

    Blog Comment Poster is automatic blog commenting software and backlink generator

    Blog Comment Poster is a 100% automatic blog commenting software dedicated to businesses and individuals who look for twice faster indexing, improved search engine rankings, more targeted visitors, and increased number of sales at once.

    By using user-defined keyword lists, the automatic blog commenter finds thousands of latest entries on highly targeted, premium blogs and submits relevant comments with backlinks to your sites in real time. Carefully developed according to professional webmaster needs, blog comment submitter handles an unlimited number of promoted domains, while each domain can have its own unlimited number of keyword sets, individual comment messages, and proxy servers.

    To provide you with ultimate results and extreme performance, our blog commenter software allows loading custom blog lists and randomly rotating names, comments, domain anchor texts, and proxy servers. It also successfully bypasses more than 90% of human verification scripts and anti-spam plugins used today. Despite all of this, Blog Comment Poster remains a 100% whitehat backlinks building solution; therefore, it can be safely used for promoting even the most "sensitive" websites with great success.


    Multiple PlatformsOperating System

    Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

    Blog Comment Poster Review

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    Nice work

    This is one of the best backlinks building tools I ever usedWritten by Josh on July 15, 2013

    Ultra smart

    As written by Marius about 5 years ago, the situation is still the same today; I receive dozens of emails from blogs thanking me for my comments or linking to replies to my automated comments.

    This is amazing, the best blog backlinks software ever.Written by Philip on March 16, 2013

    A nasty backlinks builder :)

    Very smart thing. What actually makes me happy is that I find blog owners trying to "discuss" with this software, because it posts so relevant comments that webmasters think they were posted by real human beings. Needless to say, they approve all the comments with my links, and even post their replies, LOL.Written by Marius on October 27, 2007


    Version 7.0 Changelog (Updated on January 2, 2017)

    Added support for Bing Search API v5;
    Added support for even more WordPress captcha plugins;
    Added support for AdFly, AdFocus, and Shortest services;
    Added option to automatically shorten all URLs;
    Added option to temporarily overwrite default search engine in Blog Search plugin;
    Updated search engines parsing module;
    Updated automatic captchas decoder;
    Updated Death by Captcha library;
    Updated data cleanup module;
    Updated all plugins;
    Improved DuckDuckGo support;
    New automatic upgrade wizard;
    Short URLs are enabled by default for new installations;
    Improved user data security and encryption;
    Bug fixes and performance improvements;

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