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    CD-Runner 2017.00 Review and Download

    CD/Multimedia/DVD Player, Ripper, Media Server, database w/online freedb support

    CD-Runner is designed to automatically identify and play media of all types, from Audio CD to MP3. It also rips CDs, plays Internet Radio, MP3 CDs and DVD movies, automatically downloads CD info from the freedb online, and a lot more.

    CD-Runner includes Car, Home Stereo, Compact, TouchPad and Ribbon (minimized) style graphical faceplates. The home stereo faceplates are designed to look like a real home hi-fi CD and DVD player, while the smaller car stereo faceplate is designed to look like a real unit that you would find in a car. The Portable faceplate is designed to look like a generic MP3 player. The new TouchPad faceplate is designed to look like a generic computer tablet, and includes full and small sizes.


    WindowsOperating System

    Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8

    CD-Runner Review

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    The fastest jukebox

    I like all-in-one jukeboxes because of all the integrated features like audio player, music organizer, CD ripper, etc., but I hate how they work. Well...... they work SLOWLY!

    This one if the fastest jukebox I found to the date. It works well on my old Pentium III computer, and that's all I need.Written by Archer on January 24, 2013


    Version 2017.00 Changelog (Updated on March 24, 2017)

    Improved Windows 10, 4K monitor support+

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