MunSoft Data Recovery Suite Review and Download
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    MunSoft Data Recovery Suite 2.0 Review and Download   (Editor's Choice)

    Locate, recover and fix data of various types

    Repair all types of lost data with ease. MunSoft Data Recovery Suite assembles all general-purpose and specialized data recovery tools manufactured by the company under one roof. The data recovery suite can automatically locate and undelete files stored on all kinds of storage media. The suite will also repair damaged Outlook and Outlook Express email databases, and recover ZIP and RAR archives and Microsoft Office documents.

    The comprehensive data recovery pack includes numerous tools to help you successfully recover all types of data - no matter how bad the damage is. Easy Drive Data Recovery undeletes all types of files from corrupted, reformatted, repartitioned and inaccessible disks and memory cards, even if they are no longer registered with the file system. Easy Mail Recovery is aimed to recover email messages, attachments, address books and organizer information managed by Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. The application not only finds and undeletes email databases, but analyzes and fixes their data structures in order to extract the last bit of salvageable information. Easy Archive Recovery undeletes and repairs corrupted ZIP and RAR archives, while Easy Office Recovery does the same thing to documents produced by Microsoft Office.

    No matter how the data loss had happened or how severe the damage is, MunSoft Data Recovery Suite will do everything to save as much data as theoretically possible. Featuring sophisticated discovery methods, the data recovery toolkit can scan the entire surface of the disk in order to locate files no longer showing up in the file system. Operating completely automatically, MunSoft Data Recovery Suite provides convenient fully guided user interface and comprehensive pre-recovery preview.


    WindowsOperating System

    Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8

    MunSoft Data Recovery Suite Review

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    All files restored

    Thanks to my girlfriend, all the Christmas party photos were deleted from hard disk drive. After running the scan for the first time, no files were displayed, so I thought all the photos were lost forever. Thankfully, running the scan for second time displays most of deleted pictures, and about 90% of them were successfully recovered.

    So if you can't see deleted files, don't worry and run the scanner one more time - that should help.Written by Oliver on March 7, 2013

    Data recovery software for your grandmother (Review by ProjectBeta Editor)

    Let's face the truth; lost information is the biggest and the most annoying problem that can happen for computer users. No matter what (user mistake, spyware, disk drive failure, application fault, etc.) causes data loss on your computer, it's never fun.

    While there are many tools that should help you retrieving lost data, some of them actually make the situation even worse; by using unreliable disk drive scanning engines they damage important file recovery information and destroy deleted files forever, so no other utilities can undelete them. Put simply, you should never use a data recovery software which you aren't 100% trusted in.

    MunSoft Data Recovery Suite is one of several utilities that don't modify a single bit of data during scan, which means most (in most cases - all) of lost information can be restored. The two best things about MunSoft Data Recovery Suite are compatibility with all file systems (FAT16, FAT32, NTFS) and support for most popular applications (like Microsoft Office) and archives (like RAR or ZIP).

    Compared to other data recovery software, MunSoft Data Recovery Suite can not only retrieve deleted files, but can also repair damaged Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word files (even if they were compressed before) as well, which greatly expands the list of its possible uses.

    One more feature worth to mention is application's interface; it's so simple that even your grandmother could use it. Just define optional search rules (all or selected types of files, the date of deletion, size, etc.), click the 'OK' button, and wait a moment while disk scan engine returns the list of deleted, lost, and corrupted files. Select the files you want to be retrieved ('Internal Preview' feature will make the task easier), hit the confirmation button again, and enjoy the data you thought was lost forever.

    No matter what your computer experience is and what type of information loss you just experienced, MunSoft Data Recovery Suite should help you getting back on track.Thoroughly tested by ProjectBeta Editor on January 9, 2013


    Version 2.0 Changelog (Updated on February 25, 2012)

    Completely renewed scan engine;
    Significantly improved recovery engine;
    Some improvements in user interface;
    Minor bug fixes.

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