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    Social Bookmarks Submitter 9.0 Review and Download   (Editor's Choice)

    Social Bookmarks Submitter is the best automated social bookmarking software

    Social Bookmarks Submitter is 100% automatic bookmarking software designed to boost your rankings and dramatically increase traffic by submitting your domains to world's most popular bookmarking sites. With the help of sophisticated account registration and bookmarking engines, the software easily brings 100% whitehat and natural backlinks building to unnatural level.

    Social Bookmarks Submitter allows registering unlimited number of user accounts, submitting unlimited number of domains and utilizing unlimited number of proxy servers on autopilot. Furthermore, it randomly spins domain meta tags and rotates user accounts/proxy servers for ultimate rankings.

    While less reputable companies play number games and bundle their software with low quality sites that are flooded by spam robots, Social Bookmarks Submitter utilizes only 1st-class bookmarking resources, therefore single link created by our software provides much higher value than hundreds of links created by competitive products; that's why Social Bookmarks Submitter is the only product on the market which makes your traffic and earnings naturally unnatural.


    Multiple PlatformsOperating System

    Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

    Social Bookmarks Submitter Review

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    90% Success

    Using this social bookmarking software for more than a week. According to my research, it successfully submits bookmarks to about 90% of supported bookmarking sites, which I consider to be outstanding result (since other tool I used offered only 30% success).

    Don't be fooled by the number of supported sites. Some competing products offer more sites but most of those sites don't work at all. Social Bookmarks Submitter seem to offer the constantly updated list, so even if the total number is lower "on the paper", you will actually get many, many more links than using other tools.Written by Mr. Jack on April 22, 2013

    Great value

    The Social Bookmarks Submitter has the best value for the money. Very recommended.Written by Felix on April 2, 2013

    Brutal performance (Review by ProjectBeta Editor)

    Being continuously updated and improved since 2007, Social Bookmarks Submitter should be the most powerful social bookmarking software on the market, but how does it perform in a real life? Let's find out.

    The installation and basic setup was effortless, so there is nothing to discuss about. However, advanced options are way more interesting; the software allows promoting an unlimited number of domains (each one having an unlimited number of meta tags, that you can randomly spin), automatically parsing meta tags, re-submitting bookmarked pages using different accounts, and the list goes on...

    Now it's time for real-life tests and their results. We used the software to promote 4 different websites (2 old sites, and 4 new domains registered less than a year ago). To make sure the test is as accurate as possible, no other automatic tools or manual backlink building strategies were used; we simply let the software slowly do its job for 6 weeks.

    Once the waiting was over, we analyzed the results using different tools - AWStats, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and some others. While final results greatly varied per domain, one thing was clear; 3 out of 4 tested domains achieved better positions in SERPS, which naturally leaded into higher traffic. We noticed slightly more new visitors on remaining website as well, but the boost was just above 10%; therefore, we can't really say it's a big improvement.

    The best part about Social Bookmarks Submitter is 100% natural bookmarking. Unlike some other tools we tested previously, this one was able to gain more traffic without having any negative effects to our search engine rankings (instead, it had a very positive effect!) and worked exactly as advertised; automatically, quickly, and effectively.

    In fact, we weren't huge fans of automatic social bookmarking software until today, but all we can now say it this: when it comes to social bookmarking, there are very few reliable solutions to choose from. Fortunately, if you are looking for a powerful yet search engines safe solution, you have an easy choice, since there is the only one - the Social Bookmarks Submitter. Period.Thoroughly tested by ProjectBeta Editor on January 29, 2013

    The best social bookmarking software around

    An excellent value for your money. Older versions (below 6.0) were lacking automatic captchas decoding (you had to manually type them by hand on several sites), but version 6.0 solved this issue by adding automatic captcha decoder and everything is 100% automated now.

    While this one doesn't "OFFICIALLY" support as many networks as some other tools, it actually works better because ALL networks supported by Social Bookmarks Submitter are 100% working and public (other vendors just list useless, out of date and not working sites in their supported network lists, shame on them!)

    After using this tool for almost 3 years, I can't complain at all. The tool is very effective, support is superior, and automatic captcha decoding since version 6 makes it the best tool around.

    ShamusWritten by Shamus on April 30, 2012

    The best of the bests

    The best social bookmarking software I have ever ordered and used. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to promote his websites.Written by Gabriel on July 10, 2009

    5 stars

    I have used many social bookmarking tools (Bookmarking Demon, Social Bookmarks Demon, and some less popular), but Social Bookmarks Submitter works best for me.

    It's very easy to use and is 100% automated (unlike other tools I tried, which are semi-automated). Well, Social Bookmarks Demon offers fair automation as well, but I didn't like much it because of difficult usage. This one brings exactly what I want; good user interface, a great deal of features, and of course great results. 5 stars software!Written by Patrick on April 9, 2009

    They finally improved it

    I like the new Premium version which has remote URLs spidering option. If you own old copy, be sure to upgrade to the latest version (update is free) - it's so good!Written by Aldis on January 21, 2008

    My traffic has doubled

    Social Bookmarks Submitter builds backlinks very well. My traffic on real estate website was doubled in 3 weeks after starting to use their software. Would highly suggest to any webmaster.Written by Ansel on May 2, 2007


    Version 9.0 Changelog (Updated on February 9, 2017)

    Removed out-of-date and social bookmarking websites;
    Added 13 new social bookmarking websites;
    Added advanced domains blacklist;
    Forced SSL on all sites that support secure connections;
    New RSS feeds parsing engine;
    New XML sitemaps parsing engine;
    New automatic upgrade wizard;
    Updated all plugins;
    Updated automatic captchas decoder;
    Updated Death by Captcha library;
    Added support for AdFocus and Shortest services;
    Short URLs are enabled by default for new installations;
    Option to set default timezone;
    Improved content cleanup module;
    Improved user data security and encryption;
    Updated user guide;
    Updated help section;
    Bug fixes and performance improvements;

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