Wing: Released Spirits Review and Download
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    Wing: Released Spirits 1.5 Review and Download

    3D Epic adventure action game. Talk, trade, fight, sail, ride horse and fly

    Wing: Released Spirits is an epic adventure game. You control Adryn, a young man on the journey for the Light Crystal. When you find it, you will be able to fly with the flying machine. Then you will see what a challenge the ancient history of this world has in store. Adryn is a young settler. He lost his parents in a bloody war against orcs. Enar the smith grown up Adryn together with his beautiful daughter Rya. The two young fell in love. Enar found an ancient drawing of a flying machine, and reconstructed it, but he needs an essential component: the mysterious light crystal to make the machine work. He sends Adryn to find the crystal. You control Adryn in a very similar manner as in other 3D action adventure games using keyboard or mouse.Explore the mediterran islands of Kyrama, villages and cities, the palace, and secret caverns, jungles, snowy peaks and hidden valleys. You can walk, jump, climb, swim, dive, ride horses, and sail with ships or fly with an ancient machine. Meet the friendly or strange inhabitants; talk to citizens, soldiers, kings, prisoners, friends and rebels. Collect treasures, trade with merchants and buy or find weapons, secret maps. Use axe, sword, bow and keys and magic items. Fight with wolves, bears, tigers, sharks and flying demons. Bomb evil spirits with from the air.


    WindowsOperating System

    Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8

    Wing: Released Spirits Review

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    Version 1.5 Changelog (Updated on November 12, 2006)

    Advanced graphics, dialogs and AI. Quick save and load in demo.

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