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    X Sticky Notes Review and Download   (Editor's Choice)

    Take Notes & Set Reminder, and Read & Write your note Anywhere

    X Sticky Notes expands the meaning of sticky note with many features, if you do not want desktop get mess by many sticky notes, You can hide your note by dragging it to any edge of your screen, when mouse touch the hiding note's border, it will show again. You can insert picture (and animation GIF) into the sticky note. When you set a reminder, insert some animation GIF pictures to the sticky note is a good idea.

    You can drag and drop or copy and paste files (documents, programs, pictures), folders as note's attachments. The attachment can place anywhere in your texts, double click to open it. You can snap note and align to screen grid, to make each sticky notes be arranged in neat rows. You can search the sticky notes easily in note browser, you can set password to protect your notes content.


    WindowsOperating System

    Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8

    X Sticky Notes Review

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    A good alternative

    This is a good replacement for Sticky Notes application that is integrated into Windows 7 by default. This one is much more advanced.Written by Marco on March 7, 2013

    Works very fast

    After reading editor's review, I decided to try the program out. It's very simple (the whole program is just a small icon in tray) but very powerful.

    I couldn't even imagine that sticky notes application could do so many things. The best of all - it uses almost 0 resources...Written by Jane on February 13, 2013

    Nothing else comes close... (Review by ProjectBeta Editor)

    It simply no matters which type of computer user you are (beginner, professional, or expert), you have to deal with lots of notes, micro tasks, and reminders every day. At the moment this review is being written, there are 15+ notes on my desktop; purchase icons pack for new website, change car's oil, generate and analyze reports on my post-flop game on poker tournaments, etc.

    Believe it or not, but I used Notepad to create and manage all this information for years. I know there are many personal information organizers (PIMs) that support reminders and to-do lists, but I don't use them for storing micro notes because of this single reason: I want all the notes to be visible and instantly accessible right from my desktop, so I don't need to open and close PIM application X times a day. Personal information managers are great for storing contacts and passwords, but using them for micro notes is a nightmare; that's why my desktop was full of small Notepad files all the time.

    Sure enough, it's not the smartest way to manage daily tasks, and this is where X Sticky Notes comes; it organizes all the notes so efficiently that in just 5 minutes you start wondering how you ever managed without it. Frankly speaking, I can't even explain how powerful X Sticky Notes is...

    Unlike mots of its competitors, the software comes with an easy-to-use reminder, supports attachments, pictures, and custom backgrounds, offers rich text formatting, allows hiding selected notes or permanently sticking them to some programs, and the list of supported features continues...

    In short, the most innovative features that convinced me purchasing X Sticky Notes are "Hide Notes" and "Stick to Window". If you don't want your desktop to get messy by many sticks, you can notes them by dragging them to any edge of the screen, so it will be visible only when mouse cursor is moved over sticky note's border. You can also stick notes to selected program, document, or web page, which means they will be visible only when program, document, or web page is opened.

    Honestly, I never though that such a small application can actually be so useful (especially after having negative experience with other sticky notes software), but I must admit X Sticky Notes is the most powerful desktop notes organizer I ever tested. Put simply, nothing else comes close...Thoroughly tested by ProjectBeta Editor on February 11, 2013


    Version Changelog (Updated on May 10, 2014)

    Small tweaks for better performance
    Minor improvements
    Bug fixes

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